Give 35mm provides cameras to empower communities to tell their own stories through photography.  Allowing them to document and preserve their culture while improving their quality of life.  

Our mission is 3 part:



To find people, mostly children, in underprivileged communities and give them the ability to tell their own story.  So instead of some photographer coming to town and taking pictures of them, these people get to narrate their own life story.  


2.  Trigger growth.

Whether it’s shelter, livestock, food, clean water or education, the goal is to identify the need and then meet that need.  After each photo project we share the student’s photography to both share their story and spread awareness.  


For example,

At our first project in Tanzania, we taught photography to 38 kids at an orphanage.  Proceeds from their artwork go towards paying school tuition, and buying books and clothing and food.

While we were there we found out that there were 40 more homeless, orphaned children.  Give 35 helped get them back in school, which provides at least one meal a day.  And our photography was used to shed light on their story and fundraise enough money to build homes for them.  Those kids are in school and have just moved into their new home.


Our next project was in Kenya at a remote Maasai village.  Their needs are much different.  They have no electricity and their livelihood depends on their livestock and water availability.  Give 35mm was able to use the project to fund buying goats, sheep and cattle and we’re headed back in May of 2017 to dig a well.

While in Kenya digging the well we are starting our 3rd project.  This project is going to fosuc on 10 girls that are wanting to run away to avoid female circumcision and teen marraige.  They will tell their stories and we will be sending them to school to get an education and save them from the perils of being a young girl growing up in a Maasai village.


3.  Provide a creative outlet.

We want to bring them a creative outlet.  We believe that art and creativity are such an important part of a healthy, happy life.  A lot of the places we’re going to often don’t have that luxury.  So aside from raising awareness and addressing these other basic human needs, it’s also a really fun project that the students always enjoy.  


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