As of May of 2017 we have been back in the Maasai Mara.  This project is be focused on the story of 10 young Maasai girls.  They're all between the ages of 14-17 and are all of the age where it's time for them to get "the cut", a Maasai tradition of female circumcision believed by the elders to be the transition from childhood to womanhood.  Problem is, the girls are of the new generation who don't want it and don't believe in it.  Perfect solution: School.  They want an education more than anything and the families want it for them.  They just can't afford it so instead, they just get married off and start becoming young mothers.

So for this project we will spend time in the village with the girls.  They will each photo document their life stories and home lives and we will send them to boarding school.  

Stay posted and their stories will be up as soon as the project is finished!

To donate for school fees please hit the donate button below : )  We need $600 per girl per year to keep them in school.  100% of donations go straight to this cause.